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Asthma FAQ

A doctor at a hospital told me that he outgrew asthma.?
I went there two years ago because I have pheunomia, and a doctor there told me that when he was a kid, he have asthma, but now it’s completely gone. How can I outgrow my asthma? My son outgrew his asthma, but he also had seriously of nutritional…

A examine nearly asthma?
okay so I only get asthma when I run for resembling 2 miles and its not even the worst attack, all I have is wheezing breath, is nearby any way I can train myself to last, let say 6 miles without have that wheezing? I have like smaller amount than a year to train myself…

A few asthma question?
Hi. =) Let me start off by saying I’m 17 and I’ve have asthma since I was about 6 or so.. that’s when I amalgamated the cross country team.. Well ever since, my asthma has gotten closely worse. And I’m not sure what kind of asthma I have. I play hockey.. So I other have…

A few asthma question?
I have astham and in charge to reduce my chances of getting an attack, i started using a type of medication call advair. This is a little purple disc that REALLY helps train my asthma symptoms before they develop. I no longer have condition insurance yet i still have my prescription for Advair, but in…

A few question just about my asthma 16yr desires back please?
In school when i have gym they hold use do the beep test its call something like that they have use run stern and forth but the thing is that i get really tired and panting does this mean i have asthma and i should move about ask…

A friend have told me that her child is on steroid inhalers for asthma, and that she have be told she is?
entitled to some form of disability allounce and careers allounce. is she right? What country do you live in? What caused the asthma? If you can prove a explanation then you might be able to be paid…

A give somebody the third degree for empire who enjoy asthma attacks?
I want to know if it would be plausible for this situation to cause an asthma attack, so here’s the story, my boyfriend shares an apartment with two roommates, one of them have the apartment in her name, her identify is Olive. The other roommate is named…

A give somebody the third degree for general public beside asthma? or own kids that do, or know someone that does?
For a story I’m writing. I’m sorry if the question offends you, similar to that I’m patronizing or cold or something. But I’m not. I’m just curious. I wanna know, and who better to convey me but you,…

A MEGA long occupancy cough? give support to! is it asthma?
ive had a really bad cough since the formation of summer, i don’t cough all the time but when i do cough i have a big fit of coughing (like during P.E or after walking a big flight of stairs or purely randomly) Ive been to my doctors…

A paramedics response to asthma?
I was wondering if you called a paramedic for an asthma attack what would they do? When do they establish if you need to be intubated versus just oxygen and even if you have need of oxygen. What if you pass out after they arrive will there course of exploit change. I am just…

A put somebody through the mill just about allergies and asthma?
if you are around a lot of dust for most of the time, will it make you allergic to it? approaching you live in a dusty area, will you turn allergic to it subsequently, even though you were not? Or if you live in a smoggy area, will…

A Q more or less asthma?
I had asthma since I was four. I’m waiting it to turn away, since I have a pretty severe case of it, but in a minute I am under control. Do some cases of asthma never cure? Is there anything that cause that? I hold asthma also. I have been told that ayoung…

A Question more or less my Asthma?
I had asthma for around 6-7 months, for me its not a bid deal, I usually bring back an asthma attack when I’m in my room like 99% of the time. I first get an asthma attack about 7 months ago everything was conventional back then and one darkness i had trouble…

A REALY honest course to procure rid of asthma?thankfulness a million!?
i heard stuf lik moving up north or eating skunk meat.(i know,but if my granpa said it worked,he used to hold astme to when he was my age)if anybody knows a rely suitable way to get rid of it please transmit me or e mail me.B153JOHNY(a)YAHOO.COM,THANKS.!鈥?and ive…

A recent cold have resparked some of my asthma symptoms and ineffectual my lungs?
The track season is just 1 week in and spots for the 4×4 this year are going to be tight. We should be at tiniest top 8 in the state this year. would it be unethical for me to find powerbreathe to cope with my…

A request for information roughly speaking asthma?
I have had asthma since my son be born when I was 19 (I’m 23 now). I never had an asthma attack beside wheezing, my chest would just get VERY tight and I’d seize dizzy. However the other day I was walking up the hillock to my moms house which is about…

A serious request for information in the region of asthma?
Ok, i felt reaally short of breath so i took 10+ puffs of a ivax salamol inhaler, ive started to feel really apprehensive and my hands are shaking, also my heart beat have shot up, im really nervous, what should i do? please answer ASAP Much appreciated. Nothing untoward…

A sound out something like asthma?
So, I’m fourteen, and last year my doctor told me I had asthma. Well, I wasn’t so bleak back then, but in a minute, it’s so hard to breathe, and at the most random times. Like, I can’t breathe earlier I go to sleep, or when I wake up contained by th morning,…

A steroid inhaler ever instantly help out your asthma symptom?
does inhaling steroid ever helped with your asthma instantly close to within 30 min A steroid inhaler is different from a rescue inhaler, such as albuteral. Steroid inhalers are to be taken 1 or 2 times a year, not when you’re having an attack. Source(s): asthma for over 25…

A two year ancient girl as asthma what medication does she inevitability
a two year as asthma does she need an inhaler Depends on how severe her asthma is. If it’s mild, then she probably won’t be given one. Your doctor will know. If she does need an inhaler, she’ll be given a reliever inhaler (the blue one), and…

About 504 plans for children near asthma?
I wanted to know the following, if a child is under a 504 plan due to asthma can she receive individualised assistance from a teacher’s assistant? What other hel can she receive ina classroom to help her fully participate contained by classroom activities? please, please help me. does the 504 plan assign…

About a Baby next to Asthma?
I asked a question about a week ago give or take a few a friend with a fussy baby who breathes exceedingly hard, has delayed nouns, and is very fussy. He had an allergic hostile response (he is 4 months old) and was diagnosed with asthma. Could asthma enjoy caused all of the…

About a mild casing of asthma?
When I was 15 a Doctor told me I had a mild overnight case of asthma. He gave me an inhaler and sent me on my way. A few months subsequent I went back for something not related to asthma and the Doctor asked if I smoked. I said yes and he said…

About a quater of ethnic group hold asthma? does this seem to be right?
I have just found on the internet that 27% males and 22% females age 13-19 own asthma. Does this sound about right as it seem high to me? i don’t know where you get that from, but i don’t think that’s anywhere close to the…

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Treatments for Asthma

If you or a loved one has asthma, you should know about the most effective treatments for short-term relief and long-term control. Understanding different treatments will enable you to confidently manage your asthma daily.
Asthma medications can save your life and let you live an active life in spite of your asthma.

There are two basic types of drugs used in asthma treatment:

  • Anti-inflammatory drugs, particularly inhaled steroids, are the most important treatment for most people with asthma. These lifesaving medications prevent asthma attacks and work by reducing swelling and mucus production in the airways. As a result, the airways are less sensitive and less likely to react to asthma triggers and cause asthma symptoms.
  • Bronchodilators relieve the symptoms of asthma by relaxing the muscles that can tighten around the airways. This helps to open up the airways.

Short-acting bronchodilator inhalers are often referred to as rescue inhalers and are used to quickly relieve the cough, wheeze, chest tightness, and shortness of breath caused by asthma. They may also be used prior to exercise for people with exercise-induced asthma. These should not be used daily in the routine treatment of asthma. If you need to use a short-acting bronchodilator as a rescue inhaler more than twice a week, then your asthma is not optimally controlled.

Long-acting bronchodilators are used in combination with inhaled steroids for control of asthma symptoms or when someone has ongoing asthma symptoms despite treatment with a daily inhaled steroid. Long-acting bronchodilators are never used alone as long-term therapy for asthma.

Asthma inhalers are the most common and effective way to deliver asthma drugs to the lungs. They are available in different types that require different techniques for use. Some inhalers deliver one medication and others contain two different medications.

Different kinds of inhalers:

Metered dose inhalers deliver asthma medication through a small, hand held aerosol canister. The metered dose inhaler has a chemical propellant that pushes the medicine into your mouth when you press down on the inhaler, and you breathe the medicine in. If required you can use spacer to help you use an MDI more easily.

Dry powder asthma inhalers require you to breathe in quickly and deeply to use properly. These asthma inhalers may be difficult to use during an asthma attack when you cannot fully catch a deep breath. Read the instructions carefully for each dry powder inhaler because they vary considerably. The technique you learned for one type of inhaler often does not apply to others.

Nebulizers are devices that deliver medication through a mouthpiece or mask. They are easier to use because you can breathe normally, and are more often used for young children or people with severe asthma attacks who may not be able to use an MDI or DPI properly.

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Understanding the Symptoms of Asthma

Author: Allergy, Asthma & Sinus Center

What is Asthma?

An estimated 17 million people living in the United States have self-reported asthma. Asthma is a chronic illness marked by wheezing, chest tightness and/or shortness of breath.
Any of the symptoms below can be a sign of asthma:

  • Coughing when exercising or following exercise;
  • Shortness of breath;
  • Wheezing when breathing
  • A tight feeling in the chest

If you or anybody you know has exhibited the above conditions, discuss with an allergist. Your allergist can explainto you the causes of your symptoms. If allergies are left untreated they can create inside asthma, so it’s essential to check an allergist while you first begin experiencing problems.

Asthma symptoms are caused by the constriction (tightening of the muscles) and the inflammation (swelling and irritation) of the airways. Constriction and inflammation of the airways and increased mucosa make it troublesome and sometimes impossible to breathe.

What causes Asthma?

Allergens, irritants, respiratory infections and/or exercise can spark asthma symptoms. Asthma is catagorized by symptom ‘triggers.’

An Illustration:

Allergic asthma is triggered by supersensitivity to allergens – pet dander, dust or dust mite, mold or pollen.

Seasonal asthma is triggered by seasonal supersensitive reactions to allergens – trees, grasses or weeds.

Non-allergic asthma is triggered by irritants in the air that you breathe so as tobacco smoke, wood smoke, room deodorizers, new paint, aromatize, etc.

Exercise-induced asthma is triggered by exercise or physical action.

Nocturnal asthma can appear with whatever type of asthma, though the asthma symptoms will increase or decline at night.

For treatment, it is essential to recognise asthma ‘triggers.’ Airway inflammation might constantly be there, even while you believe you are symptom-free.

What about kids and asthma?

Asthma is the primary common chronic illness experienced in childhood. If a child’s asthma is left untreated, it can result in loss of sleep, exercise limitations, absenteeism, emergency room visits and, in a rare cases, death.

Children have smaller airways than adults, which makes asthma especially serious for them. Children with asthma may experience wheezing, coughing, chest tightness and trouble breathing, especially early in the morning or at night.

Many things can cause asthma, including

  • Allergens – mold, pollen, animals
  • Irritants – cigarette smoke, air pollution
  • Weather – cold air, changes in weather
  • Exercise
  • Infections – flu, common cold

The nice news? Just like adult asthma, a child’s asthma can be efficaciously treated with medications and avoidance. Once again, receiving medical assistance for asthma
is important.

Article Source:

About the Author

The Allergy, Asthma & Sinus Center is one of the country’s largest and most established allergy practices and is staffed by an experienced and caring team of multidisciplinary specialists, board certified in infant, pediatric, adolescent and adult allergy, asthma and immunology. All of our providers are dedicated to providing our patients with expert and friendly care.

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Types of Asthma and Triggers

Types of Asthma and Triggers


Allergy Asthma & Sinus Center

In our Tennessee office we’ve been asked about what exactly asthma is and how it can be triggered. An estimated 17 million people living in the United States have self-reported asthma. Asthma is a chronic disease marked by wheezing, chest tightness and/or shortness of breath. If untreated asthma can be fatal.


The symptoms of asthma can include: excessive coughing while exercising or following exercise, shortness of breath, wheezing while breathing, and a tight feeling in the chest. If you or someone you care about experiences these symptoms, consult an allergist. Your allergist will be able to tell you causes of the symptoms. Allergies left untreated they can develop into asthma, so it’s important to see an allergist when you first start experiencing problems.

Asthma symptoms are caused by the constriction (tightening of the muscles) and the inflammation (swelling and irritation) of the airways. When a patient suffers from an asthma attack the muscles around the airways spasm, the mucosal membrane lining the airways gets inflamed and swells, and excessive amounts of mucus flow in the airways all contributing to the narrowing of the airway. This increases the resistance in the airway and makes the work of breathing more difficult.

Causes and Types

The causes of asthma symptoms are allergens, irritants, respiratory infections, and/or exercise can trigger asthma symptoms. Asthma is placed in different categories according to symptom triggers. These categories include:

Allergic Asthma triggered by allergic reactions to allergens such as pet dander, dust or dust mites, mold or pollen.

Seasonal Asthma triggered by seasonal allergic reactions to allergens such as trees, grasses, or weeds.

Non-Allergic Asthma triggered by irritants in the air that you breathe such as tobacco smoke, wood smoke, room deodorizers, fresh paint, and perfume.

Exercise-Induced Asthma triggered by exercise or physical activity.

Nocturnal Asthma can occur in a patient with any of the aforementioned types of asthma, though the asthma symptoms will increase or worsen at night.

Asthma is the most common chronic illness among children. If a child’s asthma is left untreated, it can result in loss of sleep, exercise limitations, absenteeism, emergency room visits and, in a few cases, death. Asthma in adults or children can be effectively treated with medications and ‘trigger’ avoidance. Again, receiving medical help for asthma is essential.

If you’re concerned about yourself or someone you care about consult your allergist regarding your symptoms. For more information visit our website at The Allergy, Asthma, & Sinus Center.

Article Source:

About the Author

The Allergy, Asthma & Sinus Center has been treating sinus, allergy and asthma symptoms in patients of all ages. Our experienced and caring team of multidisciplinary specialists includes physicians who are board certified in infant, pediatric, adolescent and adult allergy, asthma and immunology. Our commitment to providing patients with expert and friendly care extends from Upper East Tennessee to the Greater Nashville area, Kentucky and Georgia.

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Nighttime Wheezing May Be Asthma Related


Allergy, Asthma & Sinus Center

When most people think ASTHMA, they think of difficulty breathing after exercise, exertion, or allergic induced asthmatic conditions. Do you wake up in the middle of the night wheezing, coughing and feeling short of breath? If so, you may have a condition called nocturnal asthma, a very serious condition that requires proper diagnosis and effective asthma treatment.

According to ‘Many doctors often underestimate nocturnal asthma or nighttime asthma. Studies show that most deaths related to asthma symptoms such as wheezing occur at night. Nocturnal asthma attacks can cause significant problems sleeping, resulting in sleep deprivation and daytime sleepiness, fatigue, and irritability. These problems may affect your quality of life overall and may make it more difficult to control your daytime asthma symptoms.’

Even children may show similar nighttime wheezing symptoms caused by the constriction (tightening of the muscles) and the inflammation (swelling and irritation) of the airways. Constriction and inflammation of the airways and increased mucosa make it difficult and sometimes impossible to breathe. Asthma is the most common chronic illness among children. If a child’s asthma is left untreated, it can result in loss of sleep, exercise limitations, absenteeism, emergency room visits and, in a few cases, death.

Click the youtube link to see Dr. Bob explain the symptoms and treatments oh Nighttime Wheezing.

Why asthma is worse during sleep? No one is precisely certain. Exposure to allergens coupled with a reclining position may be a factor BUt sleep itself can also trigger changes in airwayl function.

If you or someone you know experiences the above conditions, consult an allergist. Your allergist will be able to tell you the causes of your symptoms. If allergies are left untreated they can develop into asthma, so it’s important to see an allergist when you first start experiencing problems.

The Allergy, Asthma & Sinus Center is staffed by an experienced and caring team of multidisciplinary specialists, board certified in infant, pediatric, adolescent and adult allergy, asthma and immunology. All of our providers are dedicated to providing our patients with expert and friendly care.

Article Source:

About the Author

The Allergy, Asthma & Sinus Center is one of the country’s largest and most established allergy practices and is staffed by an experienced and caring team of multidisciplinary specialists, board certified in infant, pediatric, adolescent and adult allergy, asthma and immunology. All of our providers are dedicated to providing our patients with expert and friendly care.

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Expert Advice For Alleviating Your Asthma Symptoms

While asthma is now affecting you, and you are freaking out, stay calm. Asthma, being a chronic condition, has no cure. However, this doesn’t mean life ends when you get diagnosed. If you would like to treat asthma with healthy, effective techniques, you may find the advice offered in this article useful.

If anything you cook produces any smoke you must get it out of the house, so open some windows! Smoke can trigger an attack, and make it more difficult for you to keep breathing normally. If opening the window and having your ventilation running still isn’t enough, you can always step outside until the smoke clears.

Protect yourself against breathing in cold air that aggravates your asthma by wearing a scarf that covers your nose and mouth. This way, the air will be warm before entering your lungs. Studies have consistently shown that cold air can cause your throat and lungs to constrict, triggering asthma attacks. Children are especially susceptible to cold-induced asthma.

If you are an asthma sufferer, and you have to use the quick-relief inhaler more than one or two times every seven days, or if you experience asthma attacks at night more than two times a week, you should consider trying another asthma medicine. Consult your doctor before making any changes to your medication.

If you suffer from asthma, strong cleaning products should be avoided. The chemicals in these products make you more prone to an asthma attack. While anyone responsible for cleaning their home can’t avoid cleaning products altogether, it’s best to only use natural products.

For sufferers of asthma, always keep a clean home environment, allowing for good health. Allergens in your environment can be contained or eliminated with consistent vacuuming. Central vacuuming systems are ideal for someone that suffers from asthma, as they remove the allergens directly out of the house.

You will need to keep your residence really clean, especially the bedroom where the asthma sufferer sleeps in order to help lessen the chances of an attack. Don’t smoke indoors, or allow any junk food in your home. Once you have cleaned your house, air it out; you should also eliminate utilizing any toxic chemicals inside.

It is essential that you learn the proper ways to use all of your asthma medications, especially those used in rescue situations. A treatment made up of a daily medication plus a rescue inhaler can help to keep asthma under control. Asthma is a lifelong condition; you should correctly take your regular medication and use your rescue medication only as needed.

Asthma develops over an extended time period, and its symptoms aren’t always obvious. Some people have even died from having an asthma attack, and they didn’t even know they had asthma. So, if you are having trouble coughing and breathing, talk to a doctor to see if you need treatment. You might receive a prescription to treat or prevent asthma.

Work on gradually training your lungs to be able to take more stress. Don’t start an intense workout that you know you can’t get through due to your asthma.

Stay away from smoking, or being around any smoke, vapors or fumes. You should avoid jobs where you might be exposed to fumes and chemicals, such as factories.

People with asthma should not smoke. If you have asthma, you could have serious health complications from smoking. Smoke can severely irritate an asthma sufferer’s lungs; so, if you do suffer from asthma, stay away from both smoking and being around smoke in general.

Make sure you always have an inhaler on you if you do have asthma. These inhalers provide immediate relief from symptoms that can suddenly appear. Talk to your doctor about having more than one inhaler. Carry one in your pocketbook, backpack, coat pocket, your work desk or any other place you can think of where you might need one.

Asthma can be caused by genetics, environmental factors, or a little bit of both. If you have a family member with asthma, watch your children and yourself for asthma symptoms. Protect your children and yourself from the many common pollutants in the air, such as mold, dust and pollen to prevent or reduceasthma symptoms.

Know how to properly use your inhaler if you’ve got asthma. It is not as simple as spraying it into your mouth and breathing in. Make sure when you spray your inhaler that you take in deep breaths for short periods of time. A rescue inhaler will not help you if you aren’t breathing it in correctly.

Attending asthma support group meetings, or even talking to a few chosen people with the condition, can do wonders for you. They can provide you with valuable tips and lessons on how to fight against asthma in many different situations. Surround yourself with people who understand asthma and support your fight against it.

Asthma attacks have been found to be more likely in homes where four or more different cleaning products are in use. Consider purchasing and using organic cleaning products since they are void of irritating chemicals.

If you have asthma and cannot afford health insuranceor have no eligibility, bring up your situation with a social worker. You must have the ability to afford your medication, so a social worker might be able to locate a hospital or clinic that can offer them at little cost or free.

If you have asthma and suffer persistent attacks caused by allergy symptoms, an injectable medicine can be administered for extended relief. An antibody medicine known as omalizumab is very effective at countering asthma attacks related to allergies. Ask your allergist about it.

Be prepared for your asthma treatment to be increased if you have a cold or hay fever. Many illnesses have side effects which can cause your asthma to get much worse, leading your doctor to increase treatment. Your physician may even recommend that you take additional medication until you recover.

Avoiding smoke is key in controlling asthma. Breathing in smoke can trigger an asthma attack. So do whatever you can to stay away from vapors, chemical fumes and smoke from cigarettes. These things can cause your asthma symptoms to greatly increase. Politely request that smokers abstain from smoking in your presence.

Make sure you are annually vaccinated against the flu. Flu vaccinations are a proactive strategy against attacks that is worth the time and effort. Anyone who suffers from asthma is more vulnerable to any respiratory or sinus infections that are associated with the flu.

If you or someone in your family suffers from asthma, you must not permit smoking in your house, your vehicle and your immediate environment. People who smoke need to do it away from the vicinity of the house, and especially away from a person with asthma. In some cases just the smell of a heavy smoker’sclothing can cause an asthma attack.

If you are utilizing the inhaler more than two times a week, ask your doctor to change your medicine. This level of frequency can mean your medication is ineffective for your needs. It also isn’t working right if you’re having to refill the inhaler more than two times a year.

If you have asthma and you’re also an allergy sufferer, you must only use a vaporizer or humidifier that’s been cleaned thoroughly. The insides of these machines get really moist and provide great breeding grounds for bacteria, which means the machines would actually be filling the air in your home with the very allergens you are seeking to avoid.

Replace your bed pillows as often as possible. In your daily life, use pillow cases and towels that are made from 100 percent cotton, because other types of materials can harbor dust mites. Avoid dust mites to help decrease the chance of aggravating your asthma and triggering an attack.

For a deeper and more thorough cleaning, mop your floors instead of simply sweeping them. Sweeping stirs up irritants that can trigger an asthma attack. Use a dampened rag when dusting, instead of a feather duster, so as to prevent stirring up loose dust particles and other asthma triggers.

Keeping your home clean and dry will help you to avoid asthma attacks. Regular use of a dehumidifier can control the level of moisture in your home. If you strive to keep the levels of humidity in your residence consistent, you will not have as many asthma attacks.

Anyone with asthma should limit their exposure to household pets and other types of animals. Animals are a danger to asthma sufferers who are already allergic to them, but pets also carry a wide array of dust particles and pollen, so avoiding them is a good move for anyone dealing with asthma.

Mildew and mold grow best in a home with high humidity. These substances can easily trigger asthma attacks. Therefore, you should always strive to maintain a dry home. Use a dehumidifier during the winter time so that you can keep humidity in control when you use a heater. You can use the air conditioning in your household during summer time to get the same affect.

As this article has shown, being prepared can help you to live your life despite being diagnosed with asthma. Crises can be avoided by knowing your particular form of asthma and how to effectively manage it. This article is stop number one for increasing your knowledge about asthma treatments!

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Does asthma cough produce phlegm?

ore Asthma questions please visit :

Does anyone own opinion for asthma?
Does anyone have any recommendations for minor to moderate asthma attacks? I caught a cold and have a runny nose and cough dont bother me as much as having trouble breathing. I am not going to buy an inhaler so dont recommend that. I entail some home remedies. Thanks to those who answer!…

Does anyone suffer from asthma near eye stomach-ache?
My hubby has been to the eye doctor and get tempory relief but nothing long stable. He gets this matter contained by one of his eyes that he has to try and get out, close to sticky strings. Does anyone else get this? YES! tell him to catch some decongestant, like…

Does anyone use a humidifier or nouns purifier?
The heating is kept on alot during the day in a minute it is winter and i’m wondering if a humidifier or air purifier would help terminate asthma, allergies ir respiratory conditions in my six week old as it mentions surrounded by the mothercare catalogue. Does anyone use these and find…

Does anyone use powdered inhalers for asthma. If so, are you have any discouraging side effects.?
yes! used salbutamol inhaler since 20 years it have rapid action but on long tern use, it may constrict ur resperatory tract so swallowen reservation may be occurs. The powdered inhaler are via mouth. If you don’t rinse your mouth it will…

Does anyone win a disorientation from pollen/allergies/asthma?
My doctor told me I have allergies/asthma from the pollen. I told him I think I have the flu because I had a fever of 102 for 5 days and a cold/cough which go into a resiptory infection. He insists it’s allergies. Did anyone ever hear of allergies causing a fever? massively…

Does asthma affect the speed you run?
So i now know i have athsma and im going to zone and i want to know if it slows me down. I KNOW that it will be sturdy to breathe but will it slow my legs down? I don’t think so And i am sorry about you yes if you are…

Does asthma affect your immune system?
I have been sick (mostly a sore throat) for over a month. When I touch like I am getting better, I usually budge outside to train hard for my sport, but the next sunshine, my throat feels feels grisly. Ever since I got sick, just 5 minutes of running make me wheeze and…

Does Asthma affects on skins conditions?
Like little red pimples around the nose? I have have asthma my hole life and i never had that problem u should jump to the dermatologist for the red pimples. good luck Possibly. But asthma is breathing problems. Learn more about side effects of asthma and conditions you could get if you own…

Does asthma and other allergic allergic reaction increase or condense blood pressure , and something like pulse?
“> Respiratory difficulty will raise pulse and bp. Anxiety(common with severe asthma attacks) will also incline HR and BP. Rescue inhalers will cause the same problems. Big put somebody through the mill is how fast and how high? Heart rates over…

Does asthma budge away?
i was called out of class and it said i have asthma my parents told me i had it before when i be a kid my weirdass grandma told me she made me drink some weirnd medicine drink from cambodia? when i was little and it go away i was reading stuff on yahoo that…

Does asthma cause blood pressure to elevate?
you bet If your have an attack, it does because you panic. Also, some Asthma treatments have stimuli surrounded by them, which causes you B/P to rise. Numerous medicines used for asthma can elevate blood pressure, especially the broncodialators like theophyline. Advair sent my BP through the roof. An asthma attack might…

Does asthma clear up eventually?
Like by age 24? In some cases yeah, but contained by those cases, some of them get it again later surrounded by life. That’s how my father was. I didn’t hold it when I was born, but then I have it when I was in my untimely teens, now it only bothers me when…

Does asthma come support after a few years?
My girlfriend had asthma when she was a kid,and she is worried that it might come subsidise when she get’s old.So,does it come back after a few years or it it a short time ago vanishes forever. I agree with what Q8girl has written, besides developing strong immune system help. Learning…

Does asthma cough produce phlegm?
I have had a chronic cough for over 6 weeks presently and keep going to the doctor. She is adamant I enjoy asthma. I have NEVER had asthma within my life and the two types of inhaler I have be on for 6 weeks or more are not making me better. I am going…

Does asthma coughing lead to put money on and chest throbbing
i had asthma before and it doesn’t hurt resembling that it only gives you breathing difficulties Coughing of any disease if severe can cause chest pain. Its true near asthma also. This is due to muscle pull or rarely rib fracture contained by osteoporosis patients. But you have…

Does asthma create other diseases?
asthma is a disease but what other diseases are produced from asthma. Yes, since asthma makes you cough alot, it may interfere with other parts of your body and therefore it may cause some nature of desiese. I am not very sure, but take a shot at it. bronchitis ( acute) , enzyme, and…

Does Asthma disappear?
I was born 3 months early, and the individual thing I developed from it was sickness induced Asthma. When I was a toddler, whenever I would get a cold, I would enjoy symptoms of Asthma and had to use an inhaler. I treated it regularly, and after my 4th birthday, it disappeared, and I haven’t any…

Does asthma drug be paid you gain substance?
I have moderate asthma and am obese,but I excercise and eat vigorous and everything.My mom says I’m obese because my asthma medicine messes next to my thyroid,which makes me gain weight.Is this true or is my mom purely trying to make me feel better? (By the channel,I am only about 20…

Does asthma enjoy a cure? save what are the mode of prevention?
i really dont know if i have asthma but i know that i get chocked up if i clutch too much of oily foods, or when i inheal dust or at times when am in the petrol station. also i notice i have this constant cool i…

Does asthma ever budge away?
when i was younger, i had asthma.. but over the years it a short time ago went away but now the symptoms are staring me surrounded by the face, have i get asthma again? Is this possible to get asthma at a young age, later it go away and come back subsequently in life?…

Does asthma ever progress away?
I am 14 I had asthma since I was 9 and presently my asthma came back when I get a cold, and i am now using my inhaler again. Will my asthma ever go away permenately? Also when i lug my inhaler it sometimes makes me feel restrained headed but helps me breath vastly…

Does asthma inhalers hurt you? why do they become addictive?
I have asthma and the doctor told me not to use inhalers and use relievers instead. What’s wrong with using the inhalers? yes Tests conducted at Yoga Therapy Centers worldwide enjoy given outstanding results in treating asthma. Kapalbhati, Anuloma-Viloma, Ujjayi, Surbyabhedana and Bhramari are some yoga exercises which help…

Does Asthma medication containing oral steroids, such as Seretide, hold effects on muscle growth?
Are these steroids somehow different? Or are they the same products that athletes use, just contained by an inhaled form? not in impossible to tell apart way as anabolic steroids. The steriods in asthma medication react differently after metabolic steroids but, both forms are not…

Does Asthma medication effect womens fertility?
Does Asthma medication effect womens fertility? im on Ventorline (Inhaler +nebulisation) I m not able to concieve despite of any health or fertility problem. is mediaction is the defence ? i wouldn’t believe answers from this site on such a serious question like so. nope i dont think so…and im on ventolin as…

Does Asthma own a glum effect on a person’s sense of smell?
I bought a handbag on eBay that has a strong odor of cigarette smoke and the seller claims that noone surrounded by her home smokes and that she has asthma. Could her asthma keep her from smelling the smoke on the pod? I would surmise that smoke…

Does asthma qualify to receive social wellbeing disability?
Yes if it causes you to be unable to work. It have to be documented by a doctor for more than a year before it is considered. It is VERY rare for this disability in our day.I have it myself and in my 42 years, I hold NEVER met anyone…

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Breathing problems/ asthma?

Do i enjoy asthma?
Do i have asthma? When i run, I feel my chest tightening and i start coughing abundantly. Both of these last the whole extent when i have physed. (about 45 min.) I always use to run near no problem. But now this is whats happening. Does it nouns like i have asthma? I hold an…

Breathing problems/ asthma?
sometimes i need to breathe really slow and deep breaths, if not i can’t breathe. before it was singular occasionally, now now i’m finding that i do it commonly. i used to have asthma when i was 5 for two years. i’m very soon 15, and i don’t remember how it was like to own asthma….

About Asthma&sinusitis?
What is the percentage of asthmatic patients who have asymptomatic sinusitis: 1-50% 2-25% 3-20% 4-10% 5-5% “> # 1 my guess let me know if I’m right! 50%. the correlation between the variables (Asthma and sinusitis) is direct if the lenient has allergies and indirect if they are smokers. allergies causes hemoglobin to release IgE which…

About asthma?
Is there such a thing as have seasonal asthma? I have asthma and it seems to disappear as briskly as it comes on. I could barely breathe 2mo ago and now I grain fine? I haven’t done anything different as far as my meds. It lasted a full 2mo straight and now-poof, feeling fine again. I do…

About asthma?
Never had asthma before. This morning around 2:30 am, I woke up, inept to breathe. My chest was extremely tight, and it hurt to breathe in strongly enough to try getting oxygen into my lungs. I would exhale and not want to inhale. Also, I kept couging up mucus or something from my lungs. The whole item…

About my asthma…?
I have suffer Asthma since I was babyish but after that I stop suffer Asthma since I was 11 – 17 yrs old ( within Malaysia) but after that I came here (in Melbourne) since last Year – I be 18 Yrs old, is that possible I’m suffer Asthma again? #My father suffer asthma too…# The…

Absent lung sounds surrounded by an asthma forgiving within respiratory distress manner?
Absent or decreased sounds can mean: Reduced airflow to portion of the lungs Over-inflation of a part of the lungs ( emphysema can cause this) Air or fluid around the lungs Increased concentration of the chest wall Source(s): Medicine Plus It means they are very constricted, so…

Acetaminophen have be related to Respiratory Disease and Lung Function size lessening?
Oxidative stress may increase the risk of asthma, contribute to asthma progression, and decrease lung function. Previous research suggests that use of acetaminophen, which is hypothesized to reduce antioxidant size in the lung, is associated with an increased risk of asthma. We hypothesized that acetaminophen use may…

Activity induced asthma?
if you have activity induced asthma can you still enjoy asthma attacks? yes. i am a rower and i have activity induced asthma. whenever i workout and am stressing to do capably, or maybe pushing myself too hard, or smelling smoke, or working out surrounded by a cold, dry room, i have asthma attacks. hope this…

Acupuncture for Allergies and Asthma?
I suffer constantly from asthma and allergies. I am on so much medication that it is hard to function in my day after day life.I have tried every medication and shots available next to little relief. I have hear that acupuncture can help with asthma and allergies. Does anyone hold experience with using acupuncture…

Acupunture & Asthma?
I have a small case of asthma and I’m wondering if acupunture will aid relieve the tightness and shortness of breath i have. I have inhalers that my specialist prescribed but, they don’t come across to be working. Does anyone know if it will help? Acupuncture is great for asthma. I would recommend it. I would…

Adipex and Asthma?
I have asthma and have freshly recently started taking adipex to lose 30lbs before my honeymoon. I have not had an asthma flare up for almost 3 years immediately, but since i have been taking adipex i interest that my asthma is kinda acting up. Does adipex affect asthma or am i just probably getting sick?…

Adult Asthma People?
Has anyone tooken these tablets for Asthma? Or is anyone? Do they work really well? Why or Why not? These: Bricanyl (terbutaline) Tablets Vospire ER(Vospire) Tablets Albuterol Tablets I’m thinking about asking my doctor to prescribe me one of these tablets because I dont resembling inhlaeing stuff for asthma & I’m so scared & worried about…

Adult Asthma relations, do you gain symptoms when you drink green tea?
I was drinking the Green Tea (unsweetened 99 cents) from Trader Joe’s. Like a liter a day but I notice I started coughing more and weezing. I couldn’t figure it out for the life of me. I weaned myself stale the Green tea and switched to Tejava…

Adult Asthma?
Hi my Aunt developed asthma after moving from Mexico to California. Recently it has gotten worse. She has developed a persistant cough and constantly have problems breathing. She has an inhaler but it is ineffective. Her doctors are not sure how to cure her or at least provide some nouns. Could it be the air quality within…

Advair and synthroid please minister to me next to asthma?
Hi I am on synthroid 50mg. My question is I have asthma and my other doctor prescribed me advair. Is this ok to be on both tablets? Hon, I am in the same boat near the synthroid (I take 300mg). I also have fruitless asthma, breathing well should be…

ADVAIR DISKUS For Asthma Question Details: Someone told me that the medince ADVAIR DISKUS that u inhale for asthma can cause heart problems and cause someones heart to stop. Do u believe that? Why or Why not? Is it true? Why or Why not? Hi! I think – no. Read side effects here: Source(s):鈥?..

Advair for asthma?
Any one have problems with freight gain while taking advair for your asthma.I’m about to scream No, I have be taking it fir about four years and I haven’t noticed any counterweight gain. Here’s the thing. I gained a short time weight with it coz of what it does to some of my already greater than…

Advair made asthma worse?
I was put on Advair a month ago when I visited the doctor. I used it once a morning for about two weeks and it feels approaching my asthma is actually worse than before, because very soon I get tight-chested and my albuterol inhaler doesn’t seem as important. Has anyone else used Advair and experienced…

Advair use combined next to steroid for safer alternative?
My son uses Advair and has for 6 or 7 years. He’s 21. Recently, his asthma attacks have gotten worse and the doctor doesn’t give the impression of being concerned, but I’ve heard that Advair is related to sudden and sometimes fatal attacks. Has anyone hear of this or know…

Advair.. is it chancy for a pubescent near mild asthma?
I have mild-moderate asthma and was prescribed advair coupled next to my regular inhaler. I only have trouble breathing during track season when I start running. Is advair really that dodgy, especially for a teenage girl with mild asthma? The commercials read aloud it may cause asthma-related death?! I…

Advice for asthma?
has anyone noticed how great a nouns purifier works. i liked the sound that my follower would give off but it made my asthma horrible. the heavens purifier sounds just the same…and BOY what a diffrence i havent used my inhalor surrounded by like a month hardly. did this work for you? Despite manufacturer’s claims, ozone…

Advice on running surrounded by the cold beside asthma?
Hello all, I have a bit of exercise induced asthma but it lone really seems to bother me in the cold, unluckily its cold where I am right now and I really have need of to go running but even 60 secs makes my chest hurt a great deal. Ive…

Aerosol sunscreen and severe asthma?
I will be asking my specialist when we go back surrounded by 2 weeks. However, are these aerosol sunscreens a good idea for asthmatics? I verbs about her breathing the fine mist and it irritating her airways… We currently use the liquid sunscreens Anyone next to asthmatic children use this and have a problem?…

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Lifestyle changes for the prevention of asthma


Asthma can be defined as condition of lungs that may result in inflammation or swell ing and soreness of air passages. [1] Asthma and similar allergic ailments are substantially increasing at an alarming rate globally. Westernized countries and countries switching over to a westernized lifestyle have greater incidence of asthma in comparison to less advanced countries. Even though latest scientific studies reveal that the occurrence of asthma is at peak in developed countries, yet there are no explanations available so far for the same. Scientific studies reveal that the varying situations and the behavioural patterns linked with the so called “westernized” lifestyle are responsible for increase in the frequency of asthmatic attacks amongst general population. For example, due to upgrading in hygiene and management of infectious diseases, it is hypothesized that diminutive exposure to contagious agents during infancy can possibly lead to the development of asthma and allergies. Accordingly, few studies have publicized that exposure to markers linked with contagious and infectious agents like endotoxins, farm animals and pets can lessen the possibility of such ailments. Furthermore, some other attributes of the westernized lifestyle like Obesity and exposure to allergens have been related to the development of such disorders. Additionally, dietary changes which have happened over the periods amongst all age groups and in special conditions (pregnancy etc.), is another significant facets of modern lifestyle which have contributed to these conditions. [2]

Some of risk factors attributed by present lifestyle and leading to Asthma are:

  • Obesity
  • Smoking
  •  Diet and  Nutrition
  • Exercise(exercise induced asthma)
  • Medications
  • Occupational Exposure
  • Stress
  • Environmental Exposures: Indoor and Outdoor Air pollutants; Allergens

[2,3 and 7]


Obesity or excessive weight is one of the major lifestyle diseases. A large amount of scientific data reveals that Obesity is a causative factor for Asthma. The data is collected from adults, adolescents and children worldwide and specify an increased relative risk of asthma in the obese and overweight and express that Obesity predates Asthma. The mechanical basis of this correlation is not yet established. However, as per scientists viewpoint Obesity and Asthma share common etiology like common genetic predisposition, similar effects of in utero conditions, or that obesity and asthma are mutually the consequence of certain other predisposing factors such as physical activity or diet.[4]

Moreover, research studies shows that obese patients have more severe asthma as compared to normal weight individuals and such severity can be due to greater respiratory inflammation, that is, airway obstruction or it can also be due to compact effects of asthma drugs or medications in Obese patients. [5]

Such patients are advised by physicians to follow a strict weight management schedule consisting of daily exercise and morning walk in order to have a healthier lifestyle.



Latest research on enhanced possibility of asthma after the commencement of habitual smoking all through upbringing and teenage years corresponds with the substantial data showing that active smoking results in unpleasant and severe respiratory health effects in adolescents and youngsters after a brief period of constant smoking. The fact that teenagers who smoke constantly have more severe symptoms and lessen lung function within the first few years of commencement has been acknowledged by researchers throughout the world. In addition to this, studies have proved that regular or continuous smoking enhances the possibility of asthma and other respiratory disorders and that significant long-term effects of smoking are not only restricted with those having a history of smoking for several years.

Moreover, recent clinical trial studies have established that paternal and maternal smoking (pregnant and breast-feeding mothers who are regular smokers) can lead to undesired health consequences on new-borns, childrens and young adults, making their body prone to asthma and other severe respiratory tractinfections.

Efficient tobacco control endeavours focusing on the control and prevention of smoking in children, teenagers, young adults, women of childbearing age and pregnant women are immediately required to prevent the severe cases of asthma in these people.[6]

Diet and Nutrition

Scientific studies have established that a diet rich in marine fatty acids, peculiarly fish oil, can have valuable effects on inflammatory conditions like asthma.Also, fresh fruit eating can lead remarkable improvement in symptoms of asthma.Though, the influence of dietary salt reduction in the treatment of asthma is not yet established by researchers, but it has been concluded that there is significant improvement in pulmonary function with a low-salt diet. [7]

Exercise Induced Asthma

Exercise-induced asthma is defined as a state in which smooth muscles of the lungs starts contracting due to physical action. As a result, breathing becomes hard and a person physical performance declines inevitably. Exercise-induced asthma is more common in athletes who perform rigorous exercises as a part of their daily routine. The most common symptoms of Exercise-induced asthma are: wheezing, difficulty in breathing, chest tightness, coughing and problems with prolonged sessions of exercise.

The less common symptoms include stomach pain, nausea, inability to exercise in cold, chest congestion/discomfort, frequent colds, dry throat and headache

Proper warm –up or cool down may prevent or reduce the occurrence of Exercise Induced Asthma.Also, as environmental factors such as cold, dry air, high altitude, airborne allergens and food allergens like egg whites, peanuts, almonds or bananas, two hours before exercise can trigger an Asthma attack, it is highly advisable to perform exercises in finest circumstances or conditions characterised by warm, humid weather; negligible level of pollutants or allergens; and a moderate altitude. [8]


Substantial evidence of augmented or increased airway resistance is observed in normal individuals and asthamatic patients using medicines like propranolol and aspirin.Similar evidence has been seen in Asthmatic patients using Timolol eye drops for glaucoma.

Some other drugs which are known to provoke Asthma attack are: Cocaine, Dipyridimole, Hydrocortisone, Interleukin-2, Methylphenidate, Nitrofurantoin, Sulfasalazine, Protamine and Vinca alkaloids.

These drugs should be avoided as much as possible and should not be taken without prior approval or consultation of Physicians.[9]

Occupational Exposure

Present-day Working environment act as an add on to occupational respiratory diseases like Asthma due to inhalation of both organic and inorganic substances. Globally, Asthma is the prime diseases caused due to inhalation of organic agents. [7]

Commonly related occupations and exposures are: car painting (isocyanates), hairdressing (various chemicals), domestic and commercial cleaning(cleaning solutions), health care professionals(latex) and baking(flour dust), amongst many others.[2]

Avoidance of such substances, especially for people working in industrialized environment is not easy.[7] Thus, private and public sectors should implicate certain health policies, compensative and preventive measures for the well being of their laboured employees, contributing to the overall wellness of their companies.


 Stressful life circumstances advances the symptoms of asthma. Studies have demonstrated the fact that concomitant parental and personal disputes enhances the possibility of Asthma at an early age, at a much higher rate in comparison to other risk factors like parental asthma, education and passive smoking.[10].

Moreover, recent clinical findings have enumerated a range of emotional states as probable precursors of asthmatic symptoms. It was confirmed that distinct affective states like sadness or depression are predominantly related to an exasperation of sign and symptoms in individuals with asthma. Correspondingly, latest clinical trials have revealed that variant emotional and affective states such as anxiety, anger, and joy are similarly capable of eliciting increases in airway resistance in asthmatics. [11]

Environmental Exposures

Indoor and Outdoor Air Pollutants:

Indoor Air Pollutants, basically indoor allergens, nitrogen dioxide, formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds, indoor generated particles and carbon monoxide can influence the respiratory system and can cause or aggravate the symptoms of asthma.

Similarly, long-term exposure to combustion related fine particulate air pollution is another significant environmental risk factor for respiratory diseases like asthma.

Here again, relative efforts are required by government and local public in general to combat the indoor and outdoor pollution by adopting a healthier lifestyle. [7]


Both indoor allergens like mites, some moulds, animal danders and insects and outdoor allergens like pollens and fungal moulds are found to exacerbate the symptoms of asthma and other respiratory disorders. Physicians recommend proper adoption of preventive control measures by general public to diminish the harmful affects of allergens on sensitive lungs.[7]


Asthma can be defined as condition of lungs that may result in inflammation or swelling and soreness of air passages. Obesity, Smoking, Diet and Nutrition, Exercise (exercise induced asthma), Medications, Occupational Exposure, Stress and Environmental Exposures: Indoor and Outdoor Air pollutants; Allergens are some of the major risk factors attributed by current modernized lifestyle which are responsible for causing or alleviating the symptoms of Asthma. By adopting a healthier lifestyle, consisting of proper diet and resisting to harmful habits of smoking and use of undesired medications can help in combating the severe symptoms of Asthma. Furthermore, a prominent role is required by government and private sectors as well as by a common man to alleviate the detrimental effects of indoor and outdoor air pollution as well as the occupational and emotional stress; on sensitized lungs of a normal human-being.



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Asthma Symptoms

Does the excedrine migraine pill wreak permenant asthma as a side effect? I took this pill before football several times a week because it blocked out all throbbing. I reacted to it and my face swelled up and I have symptoms of asthma. I know that it lists asthma as a side effect but is the a permenant effect…. Does the FAA usually overrun populace next to asthma to be a pilot? My husband wants to take the faa exam class1 so he can attend Spartan of Aeronautics to be a pilot. He have had a mild mild case of asthma since he be about 10 but it recently have acted up since we moved to the coast… Does The Hormornal Flux Caused During PMS Cause AsthmaAttacks? Its really weird. Before my period I enjoy an increase in asthma attacks or just a plain not easy time breathing. Has anyone heard of anything like that or hold gone through the same problem? We found only two reports of worsening of asthma related to hormonal dream therapy… Does the Marine Corps adopt relatives next to asthma or citizens who enjoy have asthma within days gone by? I’m 16 and I really really really want to join the Marine Corps but I have asthma so I be wondering if I could join the Corps IN ANY WAY? You can build your lungs’ strength. My son had doomed… Does the stipulation to cough greatly aim asthma? Well, mainly this happens right after running, or some sort of cardio, but for a few hours after running I other feel like I necessitate to cough if I take a deep breath or titter. Plus I always taste blood right after the run. Um, even if I resembling, huff, I… Does the weather affect asthma? My 20 month old son has be diagnosed with Asthma. He has a nebulizer and take Pulmicort and Albuterol. He seems super sensitive to weather changes. Does anyone else next to asthma have the same problem? The cold nouns can affect asthma sometimes. I would ask your/his doctor if you want some good information…. Does these symptoms nouns approaching asthma? My doctor gave me an inhaler a couple of years ago, when I was around 12, contained by case I had exercised induced asthma, my mom and bro enjoy asthma. But, I never need an inhaler, quite unlike my bro and mom who use inhalers three times a morning and are on pulmicort…. Does this anticipate i hold asthma? okay at my hockey practice i started skating and it felt like i couldnt breath. my chest started to discern like it was flaming or something , and my back started to ache i see spots, then i threw up when i got home i get a weird cough and it feels chance… Does this be a sign of I hold asthma? I always get wheezy/hard to breath surrounded by cold weather/cold air. Not when I’m just walking or sitting within cold air, just when I capture winded or lose my breath a bit. I first noticed it when I was little (maybe 7 or 8) when I be sledding and I’d… Does this close-fisted I hold asthma? Well if its really cold and I start to get all hot/sweaty/and breath intricate it start wheezing(when im playing a football game). Im about 108 pounds over weight. So do you guys estimate im just to heavy for my lungs or do i really hold asthma? Im 298. this is me at 270… Does this imply i enjoy asthma? so its happened twice. First time was when i be running a 10k run, all of the sudden my breath started coming really like surrounded by tiny little bunches like it was kinda tough to get my breathing even, and it was close to all in short little gasp. the second time was… Does this inborn asthma remedy work? Spring is here, allergy season comes again. this is the first allergy season during which i am having to deal next to asthma problems. i havent had a full-blown attack, but its scary to reason that might happen. my mom has asthma, i know what it looks close to. anyway, im 16 and… Does this indicate that I do or do not own asthma?

I had taken a pulmonary function test just this minute andthe therapist tol me that I inhaled and exhaled within run of the mill capacity, but he never did tell me if I have asthma. I see the pulmonoist in a month and wanted to know is… Does this inhaler for asthma contain steroids? i take a inhaler for asthma and i was woundering that is to say the one im taking contain steroids. the one i have is called: QVAR 40 mcg. (beclomethasonedipropionate HFA) i simply want to know this because if it does containsteroids, i want to disscontinue this medication. Yes, it does… Does this nouns approaching asthma or a short time ago a cold? Yesterday evening, my 17-month old daughter was coughing. You could hear whistle as she was breathing. She woke up in the middle of the darkness and couldn’t breathe well. As a precaution, her father put her on her older sister’s neb device. After that, she was breathing… Does this nouns approaching Asthma or Anxiety…? Ive had the for 3 years and been to 3 doctors. They listen to my heart and lungs and didnt hear anything unusual. So i keep having shortness of breath near anxiety. It always come on with anxiety after when they anxiety mostly goes away the shortness of breath subsides but then… Does this nouns approaching asthma or something else? I have been have tightness in my chest – it almost feels close to my ribcage isn’t expanding enough to let me breathe. When I do breathe surrounded by I have to sort of strain to get a wide enough breath and even then it doesn’t quality like I’m really getting… Does this nouns approaching asthma to you? Shortness of breath that slows down after taking allergy medicine…sometimes cough and stuffy nose…have bronchitis a lot when younger… “> Hi there, I hold asthma as well. the symptoms of asthma are Whezzing, shortness of breath, and the feeling that you are gasping for nouns, also Sinusists and conjestion. My asthma… Does this nouns approaching asthma to you? This started a couple months ago. Every once in a while I will go into a coughing fit so to vote. I have an urge to cough and it lasts for give or take a few an hour sometimes more sometimes less and along with that I can hear myself wheeze at… Does this nouns approaching asthma? When I exercise my chest feels ticklish and for about 1/2 hr – 1 hr afterwards I cough. Whatever it is, is in attendance anything I can do at home to help it? If you are a smoker, therein lies your question. If you exercise contained by a smoggy area, ie. jogging contained by… Does this nouns close to Asthma *? I’ve never had an Asthma Attack but I am having some trouble breathing. Not so desperate that I need to go to the ER or anything similar to that, but I’m not really able to get a upright deep breath. Does this sound similar to Asthma? rare asthma is most likely discovered… Does this nouns close to asthma to you? I was sick with a fundamentally severe lung infection last fall. Just incase that’s neccesary info. My basketball season newly started up again. I’m not extremely out of shape. I could stand to lose a pound, and tone muscle- but I’m not fat and chubby and I munch through healthy too…. Does this nouns close to asthma? For the past few months I’ve had this cough. Kinda tickly and annoying. And next every so often I’ll have coughing fits where on earth I can’t breath, only for a few seconds. I guess it does have a feeling like my chest is tight, but not really. My mum has asthma, and… Does this nouns close to asthma? My son has a cold I think and its essentially a blocked nose and coughing as I to have it altho My cough can be controlled beside my ventilon for my asthma.. Could he too have asthma he is 14 months and I cant remember what age I was diagnosed next to it,… Does this nouns close to asthma? Over the past few months, after engaging within physical activity, I have shortness of breath and cough for a jiffy afterwards. These never used to happen in times past after running or other activities. I also had a recurring cough for a few months from winter to spring. I thought I was just…